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Thumb Fracture (Bennett's Fracture) Injury Introduction


This is an oblique fracture of the base of the first (thumb) carpo-metacarpal with associated dislocation and fracture of the carpometacarpal articular surfaces. It is the commonest fracture to affect the thumb and is a serious injury; failure to treat it quickly and appropriately can lead to much disability through disruption of the pinching and opposition functions of the thumb. Rugby players can suffer this injury from a fall on the thumb or a blow or stamping to the thumb can cause this condition.

These fractures are worrisome because the break in the bone also involves the joint between the thumb and the wrist which left untreated can cause long-term thumb problems. When the forces are severe the bone may end up in multiple pieces (the fracture is then called a Rolando fracture.)


Bennett's Fracture Signs & Symptoms


There will be severe pain at the base of thumb and surrounding area. The player may also suffer from rapid swelling of the wrist and thumb which will limit movement. X-rays are required to diagnose this condition.

Bennett's Fracture Treatment

If the bone fragments of the fracture have not moved (displaced) very much, or if the break is located in the middle (shaft) of the bone, the doctor may be able to use a thumb cast (spica cast) to hold the bone fragments in place. The cast should be worn for at least 4-6 weeks. Regular x-rays may be needed to ensure that the bone has not slipped out of alignment.

Surgery may be indicated depending on the location of the fracture and the amount of movement between the broken fragments of bone. The orthopaedic surgeon may use one of several operative fixation techniques to realign the bone fragments. These fragments must be held in place while the bone heals.


What you can do

• Consult a expert
• Anti-inflammatory gel will reduce pain and swelling
• Use reusable heat packs to help relieve stiffness
• Wear a removable wrist support for protection
• Use therapeutic putty and hand therapy balls to relieve stiffness and gain flexibility.
• Improve thumb & grip strength with resistance exercises

Rugby Rescue Recommends Thumb Supports

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